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Sights and Sounds from Plimoth Plantation

Juniors Adding so much to our NH Mayflower Society


Junior members help out at the Fall Compact Meeting on November 3rd.  Nicholas and Lucas Morrow assist Captain Harry Hadaway with the Pledge of Allegiance while sister Sophie Morrow reads the Mayflower Compact.

Governor Sununu greets Junior Members Sophie, Lucas, Nicholas and Alexander along with their mother Julie Morrow at the Thanksgiving Proclamation signing ceremony at the New Hampshire State House.


 As Junior Chair,I have been inspired by our Juniors.  All of us are proud as our Juniors reach that age when they can apply and receive our scholarships.  We know that they are entering the adult world with a historical foundation of our Mayflower ancestors and society.  It gives us joy when we see our younger Juniors show their passion and pride in doing a school project,entering and winning our essay contests, and engaging and sharing their knowledge with others.

Please enjoy the included pictures of our Juniors.

  Greyson Hartzbband (right) was the winner of our 2018 Junior Essay Contest 
  and is proudly wearing his NH Mayflower T-shirt and showing
his award to his 
fellow classmates

 (Above) Junior and Membership Chair Sandra Taylor-Stockus is presenting General Society Mayflower pins to Adam LaBelle (Scholarship winner and adult member) and Orrin Bliss (Scholarship winner and Junior member) in recognition and thanks for their support of our New Hampshire Society and for honoring their Mayflower ancestors.

2018 Essay Contest for Junior Members

       Contest:  open to all Junior Members of NHMD, 5 years to 18 years.

           Division 1:  ages 5-7
               Topic:  Honoring our Mayflower ancestors through art: a coloring contest.

           Division 2:  ages 8-13
                Topic: Games and toys the Pilgrim children played with.

            Division 3:  ages 14-18
                 Topic: What being a Mayflower descendant means to me.

            Prizes for each division:
                 First place:      $40.00
                 Second place: $30.00
                 Third place:     $20.00

            Contest rules:  
            Essay or art work can be generated by computer and emailed or, handwritten and sent by snail mail.  Use addresses

           The essay must be presented in your own words, not cut or paste from the web or copied word for word from someone
            else's work.

           Essay and art work must be in the hands of the Contest Committee no later than March 1st, 2019. Send your paper
            to the addresses below.  Please direct all correspondence, questions, etc. to Junior Chairperson, Sandra Taylor-Stockus.

            Email address:  Junior Membership@nhmayflower.org
            Snail Mail Address:  PO Box 217 Nottingham, NH 03290

Juniors Gathering at Odiorne Point State Park  - A Success!

All of our Scavenger Hunt/Picnic attendees after enjoying an educational and fun romp around Odiorne Point looking for Mayflower clues.

 NH Juniors ranging in age from 1 year to 17 years of age with our NH Mayflower Governor, Richard Tivey.

1st Place Scavenger Hunt Winner                             2nd Place Scavenger Hunt Winner with Jr. Chair
with Jr. Member Chair Sandra

Juniors Gathering at Odiorne Point State Park
July 16, 2016.

Want to know more about Odiorne Point State Park?  Click here.