Society Officers for 2017-2020

Do you have a question about joining the society, or if a member, need help filing a supplemental, or getting a friend's paperwork in order? Shoot any of us an email. We're here to help! 

 Governor  Heather D. Rojo
 Deputy Governor
 Anne L. Vadakin
 Recording Secretary  Vickie Lane
 Corresponding Secretary  Jo-Anne M. Cobban
 Treasurer  Robert A. LaBelle
Historian  John White

 Elder  Gail Hancock-Huttel
 Surgeon Barbara Francis 
 Captain  Harry  Hadaway
 Counselor  Penny S. Webster
 Board of Assistants
Gayle W. Richards (2015-2018)
Bette Ann Hartzband (2015-2018)
Sandra Taylor-Stockus (2016-2019)
Pam Grotenhuis (2016-2019)
Julia Dubisz (2017-2020)
John Swift (2017-2020)

Past Governors ex officio
Richard H. Tivey
John Payzant
Dean Dexter
Walworth Johnson, Jr.
Carlton Bradford
Joanne Tuxbury
Paul Sweet
 Shallop Newsletter Editor
Pamela L. Grotenhuis
 Scholarship Committee Chair  Robert A. LaBelle
 Website Manager  Penny S. Webster
 Junior Membership Chair  Sandra Taylor-Stockus
 Membership Data Manager Sandra Taylor-Stockus    Membership Data Manager
 Public Relations Lori Greenwood