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Post date: Feb 8, 2009 8:36:09 PM

New England Council of Mayflower Governors Meet at the historic Wentworth-by-the-Sea

The New Hampshire Mayflower Society hosted The New England Society Council of Governors, with special guest Governor General Judith H. Swan of California on May 7, 2010, on the grounds of the historic Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel, New Castle, New Hampshire, near Portsmouth Harbor. Following an afternoon meeting, council members attended a buffet reception at the home of N.H. Deputy Governor John Payzant and his wife Carolyn. Hosting the meeting was Council President and N.H. Society Governor Dean Dexter. Pictured, seated: Past Gov. Priscilla Usher of Rhode Island, currently an At Large member of the General Board of Assistants, Past Governor Virginia Mucciaccio of Massachusetts, General Society Awards Committee Chair, Governor General Swan, Past Gov. Frances Roecker of Vermont, currently General Society Membership Chair. Standing: Gov. Charles Walter of Vermont, Gov. Don Studley of Connecticut, Gov. Gilbert Pemberton of Rhode Island, Gov. Dexter and Deputy Gov. Payzant of New Hampshire, Gov. Mike Studley of Massachusetts, Past Governor Dana Roecker of Vermont, Deputy Gov. Virginia Link and Gov. Lynde Randall of Maine.

Founded in 1978, the council consists of the governors and deputy governors of the Mayflower societies of the six New England states, and state past governors and deputy governors are invited to attend and participate at all meetings. The society presidency rotates alphabetically by state. At this session, Gov. Dexter past the gavel to incoming Council President Gilbert Pemberton of Rhode Island. The council website can be access at this link: The Council of Governors of the New England Societies of Mayflower Descendants.


New Hampshire Society Hosts Governor General and NE Council of Governors

A scene from the buffet reception at the New Castle home of NH Deputy Governor and Mrs. John Payzant, given in honor of Governor General Judy Swan with the New England society governors, May 7, 2010.

Lynne Webb of the Canadian Society, left, with Past New Hampshire Governor Wally Johnson and wife Janet.

Connecticut Society Governor Don Studley, Past Massachusetts Governor Virginia Mucciaccio, and Rhode Island Governor Gilbert Pemberton.

Massachusetts Society Governor Mike Studley, right, enjoying the Payzant's deck overlooking the bay at New Castle, with Captain Heather Rojo, and NH Society Governor Dean Dexter.

NH Society Corresponding Secretary Jo-Anne Cobban, Dean Dexter, and Heather Rojo.

NH Gift Table Coordinator Sheila Knight of Concord shares a few moments with Governor General Swan during the reception.


Society charter and flag display, Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club, Spring Scholarship Luncheon, May 8, 2010.

Governor General Judith Swan of California addresses the New Hampshire Society on the subject" Women of the Mayflower."

Members enjoy the Wentworth Country Club's comfortable atmosphere.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coy and Society Webmaster Julie Johnson Forrest, at the Spring Scholarship Luncheon, May 8, 2010, at Wentworth-by-the-Sea Country Club, Rye, New Hampshire.

Also a recipient of the Board of Assistants special honors award is Webmaster Julie Johnson Forrest, pictured with Governor Dean Dexter, Website Coordinator Heather Rojo and Deputy Governor John Payzant. Julie received recognition with her husband, Web Consultant, John Forrest.

Deputy Governor John Payzant and wife Carolyn present Governor General Swan with two books on New Hampshire, commemorating her visit to the Granite State.

Captain Heather Rojo and husband Vincent were the official escorts of Governor General Swan during her visit to the New Hampshire Society.


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Becoming a New Hampshire Society Life Member at Age 92

Society member and professional genealogist Richard Herbert Tivey introduces one of the New Hampshire Mayflower Society's newest members, Barbara Hurley of New London, age 92, who joined in May, 2008, and became a Life Member in May, 2009. Mr. Tivey assisted Ms. Hurley in researching her ancestry to Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke in a matter of only severalmonths. All Ms. Hurley had to go on initially was a family legend that she was related to a Mayflower Pilgrim.From the November, 2009 Compact Day Luncheon, held at the Red Blazer Restaurant, Concord, N.H.