Junior Members

2022 Art and Essay Contest for Junior Members

AWARDS: The NHSMD awards three cash prizes to each division

1st Place: $40.00 2nd Place: $30.00 3rd Place: $20.00

CONTEST RULES: Contest open to all current NHSMD Junior members, ages 5 to 18 years. Essay or artwork may be generated by computer. The essay must be presented in their own words, not cut and paste from the web or copied word for word from someone else’s work.

DEADLINE: Entries must be emailed or postmarked no later than April 15, 2022, and submitted to Julie Ford, NHSMD Junior Chair, at the address below.

TOPICS Division 1: Ages 5-7. Draw or color a picture of your family, the Mayflower, or a scene from Pilgrim life in Plimoth.

Division 2: Ages 8-13. Much of what we know from the Pilgrim’s lives comes from written record. Interview a family member about a story from their or your family’s history that future generations may like to know about and write a true short story or create a poster from the information you gather in the interview.

Division 3: Ages 14-18. 400 years ago, the Mayflower passengers faced countless struggles and an unknown future. Write a short essay or create a poster comparing your experience through the recent COVID-19 pandemic with what the Pilgrims may have experienced and what lessons we can learn from their perseverance.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: In late April 2022, contest winners will be notified by phone, email, or mail. Winners will be invited to present their winning entries at the May 2022 meeting of the New Hampshire Society of Mayflower Descendants and announced in the Autumn issue of The Shallop.

New Hampshire Juniors Come Full Circle for 2020 Mayflower Commemoration

In 2016 our Juniors planned and thoroughly enjoyed an educational historic Mayflower Scavenger Hunt/Picnic at the Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH. In 2018 we initiated a very ambitious project for our state society. We started with a simple cast bronze plaque of the Mayflower Compact and after a few frustrating challenges ended up with our impressive Mayflower Compact Granite Monument installed at Odiorne Point State Park next to the Colonial Dames Monument. This site was selected because David Thomson, who was a fisherman and had established a settlement at Rye, NH, provided cod fish to a struggling Plymouth Colony in 1623. Our dedication ceremony was Oct, 1, 2020 and this will be a permanent New Hampshire memorial to our Mayflower ancestors. Future Mayflower gatherings can be held at the park and individual Mayflower families can hike, bike, picnic, and have an inspiring visit to the monument to honor their Mayflower ancestors. Non-Mayflower individuals who enjoy this beautiful coastal park will have access to our Mayflower history. It was inspiring for us adult members to have our Junior members give the invocation, lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and to read the Mayflower Compact. Our Governor Heather Rojo dedicated our monument. This was a Junior Project that was embraced by the NH Board and entire NH Society giving the Juniors emotional and financial support. What an opportunity for us to come together and honor our ancestors who sacrificed and gave so much for our country.

In Mayflower Friendship

Sandra Taylor-Stockus

NH Mayflower Society Junior Chair

The Dedication, by Governor Rojo

Governor Rojo, Sophie Morrow Jr. Member and Anne Vadakin, Deputy Governor

Pledge of Allegiance led by Nicholas Morrow

Reading of the Mayflower Compact read by Sophie Morrow

The Benediction by Julie Morrow

Morrow Family with Sandra Taylor -tockus , Jr. Member Chair and David Royle, Member

The Morrow Family


As Junior Chair, I have been inspired by our Juniors. All of us are proud as our Juniors reach that age when they can apply and receive our scholarships. We know that they are entering the adult world with a historical foundation of our Mayflower ancestors and society. It gives us joy when we see our younger Juniors show their passion and pride in doing a school project,entering and winning our essay contests, and engaging and sharing their knowledge with others.

Please enjoy the included pictures of our Juniors.

Greyson Hartzbband (right) was the winner of our 2018 Junior Essay Contest and is proudly wearing his NH Mayflower T-shirt and showing his award to his fellow classmates.

Pilgrim Book Project

Our New Hampshire Society's 400th Anniversary commemoration project was the "Pilgrim Books" in which our members were going to volunteer to read seven chosen children's books about the Mayflower in library story hours across the state of New Hampshire. Until we can do this inside libraries again (after COVID rules have changed) we decided to video some members reading some of these books. Please share the stories with anyone with children who may enjoy hearing them.

Juniors Adding so much to our NH Mayflower Society

2019 Junior Art and Essay Contest Winners Announced at the Scholarship Luncheon

(Left) Thor Grotenhuis, Lucas Morrow, Junior Chair Sandra Taylor-Stockus, Sophie Morrow, and Nicholas Morrow

Governor Sununu greets Junior Members Sophie, Lucas, Nicholas and Alexander along with their mother Julie Morrow at the Thanksgiving Proclamation signing ceremony at the New Hampshire State House.

Junior members help out at the Fall Compact Meeting on November 3rd. Nicholas and Lucas Morrow assist Captain Harry Hadaway with the Pledge of Allegiance while sister Sophie Morrow reads the Mayflower Compact.

(Above) Junior and Membership Chair Sandra Taylor-Stockus is presenting General Society Mayflower pins to Adam LaBelle (Scholarship winner and adult member) and Orrin Bliss (Scholarship winner and Junior member) in recognition and thanks for their support of our New Hampshire Society and for honoring their Mayflower ancestors.

Juniors Gathering at Odiorne Point State Park - A Success!

Juniors Gathering at Odiorne Point State Park

July 16, 2016.

Details and photo release form.

Want to know more about Odiorne Point State Park? Click here.

All of our Scavenger Hunt/Picnic attendees after enjoying an educational and fun romp around Odiorne Point looking for Mayflower clues.

NH Juniors ranging in age from 1 year to 17 years of age with our NH Mayflower Governor, Richard Tivey.

1st Place Scavenger Hunt Winner with Jr. Member Chair Sandra Stockus-Tayler

2nd Place Scavenger Hunt Winner with Jr. Chair

Want to learn more about what life for our Mayflower ancestors was like?