Society Officers for 2017 - 2020

Do you have a question about joining the society, or if a member, need help filing a supplemental, or getting a friend's paperwork in order? Shoot any of us an email. We're here to help!


Heather D. Rojo

Deputy Governor

Anne L. Vadakin

Recording Secretary

Vickie Lane

Corresponding Secretary

Jo-Anne M. Cobban


Robert A. LaBelle


John White


Gail Hancock-Huttel


Barbara Francis


Harry Hadaway


Penny S. Webster

Scholarship Committee Chair

Robert A. LaBelle

Junior Membership Chair

Sandra Taylor-Stockus

Board of Assistants

Julia G. Dubisz (2017-2020)

John P. Swift (2017-2020)

Gayle W. Richards (2018-2021)

Lorie Ann Greenwood (2018-2021)

Julie L. Morrow (2019-2022)

Carol J. Quinn (2019-2022)

Past Governors ex officio

Richard H. Tivey

John Payzant

Dean Dexter

Walworth Johnson, Jr.

Carlton Bradford

Joanne Tuxbury

Paul Sweet

Shallop Editor

Pamela L. Grotenhuis

Membership Data Manager

Sandra Taylor-Stockus

Membership Data Manager

Public Relations

Lori Greenwood

Website Manager

Penny S. Webster